About us

How it all began

Started doodling in a sketchbook and before you know it dogs took over our lives and now here we are. You feed them a little of your food, despite you insisting that they have to eat their own food. (Sometimes you find yourself hungry because you happily gave them your meal.)  Next  they take over your bed.  They some time, just some time tear up your furniture, rugs, plants and shall I say it.. toilet paper!   The dog hair that once freaked you out is now a part of your everyday wardrobe. 

Thank goodness they help keep you sane. Love us. Make us Laugh. Comfort us. Help us. 

Our Why

We design and sell products with emotional faces on them. (and not just dogs) The bear and dog doodles started during a very stressful time for us. They were our way of relaxing and to bring a little humor to the day.  It began with crafting with the kids or making gifts for friends. It was a very causal hobby.  Then people from other countries started collecting them, which slowly snowballed. We enjoy being a small business but something was missing. Life was about to change for us. 

That's when we have branched out to help others.

Supporting veterans that are saving up for a much needed service dog companion, offer assistant to rescue groups that need extra funds to keep helping the community or helping provide domestic violence survivors with much needed emotional support companion. These are things we needed to do. 

We look forward to the future. We hope our products bring you a little joy, put a smile on your face, and give you a laugh.  Thank you for your support.