about us


It all began with a simple desire to bring joy to our loved ones. We started by crafting delightful creations for our children and friends, all in the name of putting smiles on their faces. As time passed, requests for custom birthday invitations and personalized products poured in, and our journey took flight.

Now have a sweet online shop with a variety of curated and designed gifts. Our primary mission is to infuse everyday life with simple, heartwarming happiness. We believe in the power of the little things, the cute touches that brighten your day.

But our purpose extends beyond crafting. We are passionate advocates for service dogs and rescue groups. We firmly believe in lending a helping hand to those in need, becoming the strength they require in times of hardship.

Welcome to our world of joy and compassion. Join us in spreading smiles and making a difference, one creation at a time.


Thank you for being a part of our journey, for supporting us, and for allowing us to be a part of your celebrations, big or small. Together, let us keep spreading happiness, laughter, and love – one design at a time.  So let's create something beautiful, something extraordinary, together. Get back to simple joys of life with family and friends. 



*based in Kentucky

*female owned and run

*designed in the USA

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